This is my third album and its theme is one very dear to my heart.  It is a collection of my music both recent and past.  These songs reflect my inner state: some are calm, some are eclectic and drawn from many sources, but they are ever near to its Source.
To those who know me well, know that I am a water person and can never be far from it. And like some waters, some drift slowly by, while others are still and calm.
I hope this album takes you to that place where it is calm and the energy ever-flowing for these songs are only reflections; something familiar, but a little out of focus.  So sit with me near the water’s edge and enjoy the sounds as we gaze into its depths!

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Latest Album Release: 

Reflections From The Pond

  • Liles with JB Eckl2:56
  • Autumn Dream2:06
  • Common Soul2:02
  • Petals on the Pond1:57
  • Reflections3:45
  • Somewhere Deep Within2:24

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