Music Sample

  • Liles with JB Eckl2:56
  • Autumn Dream2:06
  • Common Soul2:02
  • Reflections3:45
  • Somewhere Deep Within2:24
  • The Space Between Us4:52

From the age of 5 I have had a guitar in my hands. In the early 70s I played with several bands such as Dayspring, Talisman, and Caravan in Northern California. From there for over a decade I traveled and lived in the Caribbean and S. America where I played  with the bands Arise and The Carmel Minstrels. It was in Guyana that I met JB Eckl and Errol Haynes and recorded our world embracing album, The Reggae Project. In 2001,  I traveled up the Caribbean before settling again in California where I now reside with my family. Recently, I completed my studio and have collaborated with a video producer adding some of my music to her videos.

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